Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Idiot Former Sheriff Sent to Internet Jail (Gizmodo)

But threatening nuclear war by tweet is apparently still okay by Twitter's rules, if you're president
"Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the Donald Trump supporter best known for suspicious deaths in a jail he oversaw, blowing a potential job at the Department of Homeland Security amid a plagiarism scandal, and decorating his uniform with nearly as many dubious pins as a North Korean general, can add temporarily thrown in Twitter prison to his resume. 
This weekend, Clarke saw media reports mentioning that the FBI executed a search warrant on his email accounts after his deputies accosted and detained a man who had shook his head at him in an airport. He responded by tweeting off a series of ludicrous missives denouncing the “LYING LIB MEDIA” and threatening to “MAKE THEM TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD.” One of the tweets was accompanied by a photoshopped image of Clarke kicking another man with CNN’s logo superimposed over his face."
Idiot Former Sheriff Sent to Internet Jail
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