Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Watson Workspace End of Marketing Announcement FAQs | IBM

I assume this effectively means the end of IBM Collaboration Solutions (as anything but a reseller), with the Lotus products sold to HCL and Watson Workspace terminated
"Q:  What is being announced?

A:  IBM has announced the end of marketing for the Watson Workspace service .  IBM also anticipates ending the Watson Workspace service on 2/28/19.  All users of Watson Workspace, both the paid and free versions, should make arrangements for alternate means of communication and save any conversations and content from the service that they wish to keep.  A tool to assist in doing so is available here.

Q: Why did IBM make this decision?

A: While there is no question that Watson Workspace is innovative and agile, we haven’t seen it sufficiently resonate with clients or obtain traction in the marketplace. Despite our best efforts and enthusiasm for these offerings, our decision to withdraw aligns to IBM’s investment strategy focused on delivering solutions that deliver measurable value to our customers and business partners."
Watson Workspace End of Marketing Announcement FAQs | IBM

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