Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Screw You, Benioff [Steve Gillmor’s new job at]

Congrats, Steve.  Check the full post for a brief exit interview. 

It’s late Tuesday evening and the TechCrunch office is mostly deserted. I was finishing off a few things and preparing for tomorrow when Steve Gillmor, my friend, mentor and the founding editor of TechCrunchIT walks in.

“I’ve got some news and I had to talk to you in person about it.”

Damnit. I knew right then I wouldn’t like the “news.” And sure enough, he’s taken another job. Starting monday he’ll be on the senior team (senior as in high level, not as in old) at Salesforce. Founder Marc Benioff recruited him directly.

Screw You, Benioff

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