Thursday, April 29, 2010

IPhone Dead Zones Got You Down? Improvise -

See the full article for several tips.  Somehow I suspect this situation is not going to improve when the next iPhone, expected to include dual cameras, helps to mainstream video-calling…

But the iPhone’s worst enemy is the iPhone itself. So many Americans use them in the same places and at the same time that they are competing with one another for use of the network. “A hundred cellphones demanding bandwidth per cell site may not be out of the question in congested downtown areas,” said Tim Pozar, a wireless engineer who installs custom repeater systems to improve cellphone coverage at offices in the San Francisco area. IPhone owners have proved to be heavy consumers of network capacity.

What to do? There is no single magic bullet to improve iPhone service. You can spend hours trying to persuade AT&T to let you out of your contract. The time you spend doing that will cost more than the contract termination fee.

IPhone Dead Zones Got You Down? Improvise -

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