Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apple Acquires Personal Mobile Assistant Siri -

Apple is in acquisitive mode this week…

For Apple, this acquisition makes perfect sense. Siri was spun out of SRI International, and its core technology is based on the ambitious DARPA-funded CALO artificial intelligence project. With VoiceOver, Apple already features some voice recognition in its projects. This acquisition, however, will allow the company to take it to a completely new level. You can, for example, ask Siri - by voice - to check for a dinner reservation through OpenTable at a local Italian restaurant nearby or check on local movie listings.

When we first looked at Siri in February, we described it as one of the "most ambitious mobile services we have seen in the last few years." Siri's ability to understand natural language will give Apple a major advantages over other players in this market.


After this acquisition, it is probably safe to say that we won't see Siri for Android anytime soon.

Apple Acquires Personal Mobile Assistant Siri -

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