Monday, April 26, 2010

In Facebook I Don’t Trust | Kellblog

A timely Facebook reality check from Dave Kellogg; read the full post 

Until recently, I thought I was done.  But Facebook keeps messing around with privacy, most recently trying to setup auto-sharing (“instant personalization“) across a bunch of socially-related sites that I don’t want.  Before that they re-defaulted all my privacy settings to a state where they basically assumed the whole Internet was my “friend.”  Before that, they had the Beacon fiasco.  I get the Twitter jealously.  But what Facebook doesn’t get is one word:  friend.

If I wanted my personal profile public, I’d put it on my blog.  If I wanted my Facebook status updates public, I’d Tweet them.  If I wanted my photos public, I’d put them on Flickr.  If I wanted my Facebook friends to see my Yelp reviews, I’d setup FriendFeed.  Facebook:  I don’t need you re-setting my privacy all the time because you’re (1) jealous of Twitter and (2) quick to forget the point of Facebook, which is friends.

In Facebook I Don’t Trust | Kellblog

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