Thursday, November 04, 2004

[Tim Bray] ongoing ? On Canada

[Tim Bray] ongoing ? On Canada "This morning, I received this email from an American, a famous name in the tech business: So, what is it really like to live in Canada relative to the US? How are the public schools? What's the real story with health care? How's the cost of living in Vancouver or Montreal vs. Seattle? On one hand, as a citizen of the world, I think that it’s generally dangerous when the USA gets as badly out of tune with the rest of us as it is now, and thus it would be nice if the best Americans stayed home and helped fix things. On the other hand, as a patriotic Canadian, I know that we have regularly benefited from the arrival of smart, disaffected Americans. So herewith a few notes on what it’s like here."

Perhaps Tim Bray will be getting the Cat Stevens treatment when he next commutes to work at Sun...
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