Thursday, November 18, 2004

WordPerfect Killed Itself

WordPerfect Killed Itself: "Pete Peterson, who was running WordPerfect, spoke broadly against the then-new Windows OS and threatened not to develop for it. And when WordPerfect did bring out a Windows product it was a half-baked, late effort. WP also failed to build out a good suite of products to compete head-to-head with Microsoft Office.
Sure, Microsoft played hardball with WordPerfect, but the real reason WordPerfect crashed was its own missteps. Microsoft just built a better product. The only possible case Novell has is that Microsoft kept key programming information away from competitors, giving itself a competitive advantage. But so much time has passed that this will be difficult to prove and still doesn't change the basic equation.
By not giving Windows its whole-hearted support, WordPerfect planted the seeds of its failure. More recently, WordPerfect has become a quality Windows product, but the damage was done long ago."

Anyone still have a copy of WordPerfect for OS/2 handy?...
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