Monday, November 15, 2004

Trust, contracts and UDDI - Loosely Coupled weblog, Nov 12th 2004 10:12am

Trust, contracts and UDDI - Loosely Coupled weblog, Nov 12th 2004 10:12am: "UDDI, now at version 3.0, can't do any of this trust stuff and has stopped attempting to be a blueprint for a universal services registry. It is now targeted for internal use by enterprises that have large numbers of services and want to track them. But its future is not yet assured. There are other ways of maintaining services registries, and they may turn out to work better than UDDI. They may also happen to work better with whatever trust mechanisms evolve, but that's still an area where most innovation has yet to happen and therefore no one can know what's going to work. Maybe sometime way in the future, once everyone understands how to manage trust in relation to web services, it will finally become possible to automatically discover and consume services on the public Internet safely. But that's not what web services or SOA are trying to do today, and anybody who still believes that is out of touch with the market as it exists today."

Via Adam Bosworth, who notes "Software standard organizations are typically inventing standards rather than ratifying and cleaning them up. This is like a bunch of food critics writing a cook book without ever actually trying out the recipes they invent. They have domain expertise, but lots of things aren't thought through, are over designed, or just plain are too hard."
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