Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Once and Future Hope? (

The Once and Future Hope? ( "If you set out to create the perfect Democratic presidential candidate, you would probably choose someone from the South or the border states, since John Kerry lost virtually the entire region on Tuesday, and someone who is comfortable talking the language of religion and values, since John Kerry was not, and someone whose wife is identified with conventional values, and, last, someone who took a very early position against the war in Iraq, which John Kerry did not. Such a person already exists and, as luck would have it, has a name: Al Gore."

Interesting essay. Perhaps a more realistic scenario: undo on the 22nd Amendment, and 2008 is George W. Bush versus Bill Clinton (which is to say, I don't expect Gore to pull a Nixonian return; interesting, however, to see Doonesbury running with a related theme this week...)
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