Thursday, November 11, 2004

MSN Search takes on Google and Yahoo!

MSN Search takes on Google and Yahoo!: "The MSN Search preview offers a new glimpse of the strategy the company will use to try to win loyal users from Google, Yahoo! and other established competitors. Features in the preview include ways to adjust results by such measures as popularity and timeliness by moving sliding gauges on a secondary page. The technology also lets users fine-tune the results by limiting them to a local region.
In addition, the service is designed to provide answers to questions posed in natural language. For example, asking 'What is the tallest mountain in the world?' results in a special line above the ordinary search results saying that the answer is Mount Everest.
The goal is 'to help customers find what they want faster,' said Justin Osmer, an MSN product manager. 'This is really just a starting point for us, and we know we've got still a ways to go, but this is a significant milestone for us to get back in the game,' he said."
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