Saturday, November 06, 2004 - Home Office: Get More Work Out of Your Day - Home Office: Get More Work Out of Your Day: "The first time I saw Groove Networks' collaboration program was in 2001 at a user-group meeting--and believe me, I was underwhelmed. The tool was kludgy, awkward to use, and crash-prone. Fortunately, it has since become the Groove Virtual Office, a mature, robust, and indispensable workgroup product that far exceeds expectations. Download the trial version.
Groove now has all the sharing tools I need, including file swapping, instant messaging, e-mail, and shared calendars. But what seals the deal for me is the program's ability to let two or more people work on a Word document at the same time. Sure, I can duplicate these functions with individual products, but Groove gives me all of them in one secure package (it's closed to outsiders automatically). And then there's Groove's discussions feature, its forms tool for customizing documents, its project and meeting management, and its outlining tool.
Another thing in Groove's favor is ease of use: A bunch of us were up and running with the tool in minutes. And after just a day using Groove, I was having a simultaneous IM and voice chat with a buddy in Japan. The program worked like a charm right out of the chute, as we flung photos, documents, and files back and forth. Take it from me, Groove rocks."

Includes a link to get invited into a Groove workspace (the link doesn't work in Firefox, however, at least on my PC...)
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