Sunday, November 28, 2004

Windows Forms and Avalon [what to use when, by John Montgomery]

Windows Forms and Avalon [what to use when, by John Montgomery]: "A lot of people have written on Windows Forms and Avalon, from Michael Harsh and Joe Stegman on the Windows Forms team to the PDC docs, to Ian Griffiths. Based on all this, I realized that it's clear that, even though we at Microsoft think we're clear about when to use each, we haven't made it clear to customers. So I took the opportunity to write something up and have it reviewed by the Avalon and Windows Forms teams. What I found most interesting about this process was how hard it was to get to a simple, memorable set of guidelines (see the bulleted list below). The interactions of the software and requirements of each development project mean that there are choices to make. In any event, I'd love feedback if you have any."
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