Friday, November 19, 2004 IBM Says It Swamps Rivals in Key UNIX Computer Test IBM Says It Swamps Rivals in Key UNIX Computer Test: "International Business Machines Corp. executives told a meeting of industry analysts in Austin, Texas, that IBM's Unix eServer 595 computer running on IBM's own Power 5 line of computer chips has set a new database-processing record that surpasses by nearly three times the previous performance record set by HP for its heavy-duty Superdome computers.
The Armonk, New York-based company said that in industry-recognized tests that corporate decision-makers use to choose their computers for running databases, operations and research, IBM has demonstrated what could stretch into a multiyear lead in price and performance in the Unix market."

Congrats to the DB2 team -- very impressive. Wishful thinking from the second part of the article:

"HP acknowledged IBM's current success, but said the fight was not over.
'Just as HP has broken performance records on the HP Superdome, and will again, IBM has made a significant achievement with this benchmark," HP spokesman Kathy Sowards said. "We are in a two-horse race in the server business.'"
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