Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Technology Review: Tech Test-MSN TV

Technology Review: Tech Test-MSN TV: "During the dot-com boom, people who didn't want to miss out on the Web and e-mail craze but didn't want to buy a real computer could get WebTV, which delivered the Internet through the warm, friendly glow of their TV sets.
Now that personal computers are cheaper and considerably easier to use, WebTV's original allure -- even for newbies -- has faded. But Microsoft Corp., which bought WebTV in 1997 for $425 million and rebranded it MSN TV, hasn't given up.
The software giant recently released MSN TV 2, a $199 device that now supports high-speed, always-on Internet connections, home networking and messaging on a TV -- while still functioning as a basic TV-based Web and e-mail terminal.
Advanced users who for years collectively looked down their noses at WebTV will be surprised at how capable MSN TV 2 is and how well it works in home networks."
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