Wednesday, November 24, 2004

IBM's Solid Stake on the Desktop

IBM's Solid Stake on the Desktop: "Its Workplace package is catching on with clients, and more software makers are signing on. Still, it's no Windows smasher
IBM launched a bold foray into desktop computing last spring, when it took on Microsoft's desktop monopolies -- Windows and Office -- with its own Workplace product. Now it looks like Big Blue's package of collaboration, communications, productivity, and desktop management software has struck a chord.
On Nov. 23, IBM (IBM ) announced that 125 independent software makers have adapted their products to work with Workplace, and so far this year, corporations have bought pieces of the software for approximately 1.4 million employees. 'We see a groundswell,' says Steve Mills, the executive vice-president in charge of IBM's $14.5 billion software group. 'We're seeing a strong level of customer interest around Workplace and a strong level of commitment from other technology vendors who are aligning with it.' "
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