Saturday, November 13, 2004 / Business / Technology / It's round two for Novell v. Microsoft / Business / Technology / It's round two for Novell v. Microsoft: "Novell had acquired WordPerfect for $855 million in 1994, planning to use it as the core of an office software suite that would challenge Microsoft Office. But Novell's strategy failed, and by 1996 the company sold WordPerfect to the Canadian software company Corel for $186 million.
Microsoft issued a statement challenging the merits of Novell's lawsuit. 'Through this lawsuit, Novell seeks to blame Microsoft for its own mismanagement and poor business decisions,' Microsoft said. 'The record is clear that bad decisions and business mistakes are the reasons WordPerfect fell out of favor with consumers. It's also unfortunate, and surprising, that Novell has just now chosen to litigate over a business it owned for a very short time and that it sold more than eight years ago.'"
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