Tuesday, November 09, 2004

WSJ.com - Microsoft Moves Into Cable Set-Top Boxes

WSJ.com - Microsoft Moves Into Cable Set-Top Boxes: "Beginning next week, about 500,000 Washington state residents will get the first look at the latest advance in television produced by one of the most powerful combinations in entertainment and software -- cable giant Comcast Corp. and Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft, which has been trying for years to dominate home entertainment in the same way it does home computing, is hoping that the much of the rest of the country won't be too far behind.
In a big step toward that goal, the two companies announced yesterday that Comcast will launch Microsoft's new 'Foundation' software for digital cable set-top boxes in its Washington state cable system. It is the first major commercial launch of the product in the U.S. after years of false starts and hundreds of millions of dollars in investments by Microsoft in its effort to break into that business"
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