Saturday, November 13, 2004

HP Joins with JBoss on Server Support

HP Joins with JBoss on Server Support: "'This is a big deal for JBoss,' said Richard Monson-Haefel, a senior analyst with The Burton Group, of Midvale, Utah. 'HP is definitely a top player in the server market, and this gives JBoss a lot of credibility as a product.'
That credibility is further enhanced, Monson-Haefel said, by HP's announcement last week that it would extend its OpenView management tool to monitor JBoss application servers. 'That puts [JBoss] closer to offerings from IBM and Oracle [Corp.] in terms of manageability features,' he said.
Monson-Haefel added that the benefits for HP are clear as well. 'It doesn't make sense for vendors to invest in building software, but it does make sense for then to invest in support.'"
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