Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Microsoft Extends Intellectual Property Protection to Millions of End Users

Microsoft Extends Intellectual Property Protection to Millions of End Users: "Microsoft Corp. today announced expansion of its end-user intellectual property (IP) protection policy to cover customers using a wide range of current and earlier versions of its software, such as the Windows Server System (TM) (including Microsoft SQL Server (TM) and Exchange Server), Microsoft Office System and the Windows client software. This change expands the company's already strong commitment to volume licensing customers by extending the same level of protection to other end users.
This protection, referred to as intellectual property indemnification, helps shield end users from exposure to legal costs and damage claims related to patent or other intellectual property disputes. It covers the four major forms of intellectual property disputes commonly associated with software: patent, copyright, trade secret and trademark. Microsoft has steadily expanded its IP protection based on customer feedback and a desire to ensure that customers have the peace of mind they deserve when selecting Microsoft software. In 2003 Microsoft lifted a monetary cap for volume licensees. Today, Microsoft extends its IP protection for covered claims from volume licensees to all end users of the company's software."
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