Thursday, February 08, 2007

tecosystems » Lotusphere Q&A: Part II, Connections, Quickr and More

Redmonk self-Q&A on Lotusphere news.  Excerpt: 

Q: Speaking of the tagging of assets, what can you tell us about the Quickr product?
A: Beyond the cutesy, Web 2.0ish name - which I’m frankly shocked got by the IBM naming and brand police - Quickr is somewhat interesting. Unlike Connections, I had not seen this product previously and thus have limited exposure to it, but essentially I’d describe it as a Sharepoint-ish like content store with some good Web 2.0 style features to it. If you can see past the too-trendy name, it’s sort of a file system layer that does all the typical content management things, while providing connectivity to rich client tools like Office, Notes and so on. While the press releases mention wiki functionality, I haven’t seen that yet and am not sure how it’s been implemented - call me skeptical on that front.

The most interesting features, from where I sit, are a.) support for the tagging of individual assets and b.) the ability to syndicate to them. In other words, much as you would with Flickr, you can tag any individual asset within Quickr, and also see who else has tagged it and what tags they used. From there, you can also subscribe to an Atom or RSS feed for the asset to track changes, updates and so on.

Quickr is becoming something of a chameleon -- to some it's a leading "Web 2.0" platform, to others, including me, it's a new way to exploit some of the power of the underlying Notes application model and services (and not all that new of a way, since Quickr starts with QuickPlace 8 and some very clever marketing/choreography). 

These are not mutually exclusive, of course...

Source: tecosystems » Lotusphere Q&A: Part II, Connections, Quickr and More

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