Friday, February 16, 2007

What's In A Name? -

Appparently Forbes is in a race to become The National Enquirer of the business press, with "reporting" like the following.  I talk with IBM Lotus enterprise customers on a regular basis, and I haven't seen anything this extreme.  Makes me wonder if the author has actually spoken to a Notes user lately, and/or used the product since early 1990s.

Lotus Notes is far and away the most horrible software on the planet. Sure, people grumble about Microsoft products. But that's nothing compared to how people feel about Notes. People hate Notes. As in, they want to change jobs just so they can stop using it. I'm pretty sure there are shrinks who have built practices around it. I get desperate e-mails from people whose companies have been acquired by IBM, saying that of all the bad things about having to work for IBM, by far the worst is having to use Notes.

Source: What's In A Name? -

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