Sunday, February 18, 2007

Google Moves To Checkout Line -

Interesting "co-opetitition" dynamics at Google these days. 

"In this day and age, especially in this industry, it's getting harder and harder to put labels on other companies . . . like competitor and partner," said eBay spokesman Hani Durzy, explaining the firm's relationship with Google. "Sometimes we look at them as competitors and sometimes we look at them as partners. Both are equally legitimate, depending on the situation."

Some analysts say Google's move into Checkout is part of the company's bigger push into e-commerce, a move that could further encroach on eBay's market. Google has a comparison-shopping site called Froogle, for example, which competes with eBay's It also has a service called Google Base, an online classifieds site similar to eBay's Craigslist.

Source: Google Moves To Checkout Line -

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