Friday, February 09, 2007

Lotus Rock Star | Lotus Quickr FAQ

More Quickr details from Rob Novak; via Stuart McIntyre's Quickr blog 

OK so part of Quickr is QuickPlace.  What's better about it?
You can visit this post to see all of the features that were intended for QuickPlace 8.0 and simply translate them to Quickr 8.0 - the NSF version.  Quickr's NSF implementation of what used to be QuickPlace still is as customizable, has drastically enhanced the user experience, is accessible to external programs with a Web Services interface, and drastically enhanced handling of documents.  Save a file to a Quickr library from Word or Explorer?  Easy.  Check it out, approve it, revise it?  Easy.  You can then go even further and add robust document management capabilities with Quickr's Portal-based document management options, if you need them.  One more thing - you do NOT need to upgrade Domino to 8.0 in order to run Quickr 8.0!  You can deploy it on Domino 7.0.2, so you don't have to upgrade your infrastructure if you're not ready.  Another good reason not to hesitate.

Source: Lotus Rock Star | Lotus Quickr FAQ

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