Saturday, February 03, 2007

BW: Bill Takes A Bite Out Of Apple

Subscription required for this one, unfortunately; excerpt: 

Recently, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs seems to be usurping your role as mind-share leader in the PC industry. What do you think about that?
Steve has always been a huge figure in the industry, and, in a sense, bigger than life, more visible than I am in some ways. I don't think anything has changed. He's still much more of an impresario than I am. But Microsoft is better known. We have more impact. Remember, there are tons of countries where Apple's PC share is tiny. The best case is the U.S., where it might be 5% to 6%. In many countries it's not even a 10th of that.
They do the hardware and software together, which is sometimes useful and sometimes not. We're much more about enabling partner innovation. You might say, hmm, that's why the Windows PC has 95% market share. But Apple does good stuff.

Source: Bill Takes A Bite Out Of Apple

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