Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - UPDATE: Software Leader Gassee Again Moves Into Limelight - UPDATE: Software Leader Gassee Again Moves Into Limelight: "Gassee on Tuesday moved back toward the limelight, becoming chairman of PalmSource Inc. (PSRC), the firm that now owns the software heart and soul of Be.
In his new leadership role at PalmSource, Gassee again is helping to lead a company going head-to-head with Microsoft, which sells a scaled-down version of Windows that, like PalmSource's software, runs portable devices. Symbian Ltd. is another rival.
Gassee's thorough knowledge about software should come in handy. PalmSource Chief Executive and President Dave Nagel said he looks forward to Gassee's advice on sophisticated technical questions and long-term strategy.
"I look forward to having the ability to have really efficient interactions" with someone who understands "sophisticated ideas" about software, he said.""
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