Tuesday, November 02, 2004

WSJ.com - Microsoft Offers Low-Cost Ware In Asia Project

WSJ.com - Microsoft Offers Low-Cost Ware In Asia Project: "The software -- a sort of 'Windows Lite' that offers fewer features for a lower price -- is designed to appeal to first-time computer users who can't afford full-price Microsoft software or a regular PC. Right now, many people in poorer countries use illegal, pirated copies of Windows or the free Linux operating system, while others don't use computers at all.
In Thailand and elsewhere, consumers will be able to get Starter Edition only when they buy a computer preloaded with the software. Microsoft hasn't said how much it will charge PC makers to buy the product, but Gartner says the cost is likely to be about $35, significantly less than regular versions of Windows. Consumers will probably be able to buy the complete, Windows-loaded machines in stores for about $300, Mr. Wiggins says."
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