Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Opinion from PC Magazine: A Google-Microsoft War

Opinion from PC Magazine: A Google-Microsoft War: "I don't really think that Windows and Microsoft can be marginalized by a browser-centric environment that relies more and more on the Internet, remote-application servers, and no real operating environment. I think there is a place for such a system, but I'm not expecting to see anyone running Microsoft PowerPoint slides from the Internet rather than from local storage anytime soon. Furthermore, the current glut of inexpensive hard drives with capacities between 100GB and 250GB makes the current architectural model for the PC too practical to go away anytime in the near future. Still, not everybody needs a high-performance Windows machine with a 250GB hard drive. Microsoft could easily lose part of the market to any number of configurations. You can be sure that the company will see the Google browser as its biggest threat and find ways to thwart Google."
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