Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Media Moguls

Media Moguls: "After years of being banished to dusty spaces under desks or behind computer monitors, desktop PCs are finally ready to take their rightful place in the living room. Armed with Microsoft's (MSFT ) vastly improved Windows XP Media Center Edition software, the new crop of PCs can serve as home entertainment hubs, with the clean look and easy operation of consumer electronics gear but the brains to do much more. In short, the entertainment features are finally demonstrating their worth, making the Media Center the most radical makeover of the PC since the arrival of Windows 95 a decade ago.
For anyone expecting to pay $399 for a new PC, that may sound a bit much. But with movies, music, and TV all going digital, it may finally be time to let Microsoft into the living room, even if it means a big investment."
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