Monday, January 05, 2004 Microsoft Puts a Little More Into Its MSN Software Microsoft Puts a Little More Into Its MSN Software: "Over the past few years, nobody has hounded America Online more aggressively than Microsoft's MSN online service. The company has released substantial upgrades to the MSN software that made it a viable alternative to AOL for anybody seeking a simplified, all-in-one Internet toolkit, while aggressive bundling deals with Internet service providers such as Verizon have put MSN on the desktops of millions of users.
MSN's latest assault on AOL begins Thursday, when it launches the upgraded MSN Premium. The software (it's been available for testing since early December) preserves the slick, refined interface of MSN 8, with its photo-realistic toolbar icons and 'dashboard' array of shortcuts to Web services, while fixing the biggest failings of the older software.
That makes it good enough -- especially considering the cost savings involved -- to beat Dulles-based AOL service in many ways."

Via Watching Microsoft Like a Hawk
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