Thursday, January 22, 2004

Omri Gazitt's Weblog: Notification or Eventing? IBM or Microsoft?

Omri Gazitt's Weblog: Notification or Eventing? IBM or Microsoft?: [Microsoft view] "Microsoft, IBM, and our partners have created a core set of Web services specs that support enterprise distributed application scenarios - with support for security, reliable messaging, transactions, policy negotiation, and especially addressing of resources. This is a great core - and will ensure a wide variety of interoperable scenarios in a simple and modular way.
There are application scenarios that will be built on top of this core and may have different approaches at this higher level. Eventing might be one of them. Notifications is a spec that concentrates on defining pub/sub brokering and has more applicability to GRID. Eventing is a more general (and much simpler) spec - where the intention is to provide a pattern that can support enterprise pub/sub, device eventing, and management. Our hope is that these specs can be factored with respect to each other - it seems fairly straightforward for example to build notifications on top of eventing. But none of this takes away from the fact that the core is interoperable and provides a lot of rich functionality for building many kinds of applications."
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