Friday, January 23, 2004

Oracle's new Web services Designer - good idea, but ...

Oracle's new Web services Designer - good idea, but ... "Has anybody already seen the Web services Designer in Oracle's latest edition of JDeveloper? They call it 10g ...
Well, there is an online demo of its features which looks quite pretty and interesting - at the first sight. But then they still take exclusively (as far as I can tell from the demo video) the OO-only approach to designing Web services by leveraging UML diagrams as the base. And it should be obvious by now that I really have slight problems in the meantime with this way of doing it. We need to reflect the need for modling messages, message contracts, and services contracts.
Side note: they are generating RPC-style Web services by default. At least in this demo. :-(
Alas, good idea Oracle - but please add a schema and contract-based design feature to it. Then they will love you!"

Check out the comments following the post for some updates from Oracle
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