Monday, January 12, 2004 / Business / Technology / Multimedia gadgets get personal / Business / Technology / Multimedia gadgets get personal "Microsoft calls its version "Portable Media Centers" and showed off the first units created in conjunction with Creative Labs at CES last week. They're expected to be delivered later this year. Other devices are being developed by iRiver, Samsung, and Sanyo.
Creative's entry, which has a high-resolution color screen, stores and plays digital video, music, and photos using a specialized version of Windows to handle the tasks.
Microsoft claims the device will hold up to 600 hours of audio in Windows Media format, 175 hours of video, and up to 10,000 photos. The idea is that you'll do things like record a TV show using your Microsoft Media Center PC and download it to your Portable Media Center to watch on the go."

Good + timely overview. Too bad the Boston Globe doesn't include photos in their on-line stories; there's a good photo of the virtual keyboard in the dead-tree version of today's paper.

600 hours of audio or 175 hours of video etc., all in a handheld device with a DVD-worthy display and Windows CE for general-purpose computing/communication needs. Can an iPod do that?...
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