Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Lotusphere 2004: Lotus stakes its future on Workplace - Computerworld

Lotusphere 2004: Lotus stakes its future on Workplace - Computerworld "Executives from IBM's Lotus Software Group used the opening presentations today at the unit’s annual user show in Orlando to sketch out the strategy behind IBM's year-old Lotus Workplace platform and to reassure users that IBM won't abandon its core of Lotus users building on the Notes/Domino architecture.
"Our strategy is to increase our leadership, not walk away from it," Lotus General Manager Ambuj Goyal said during his address.
Regarding competitors’ claims that the company will orphan an installed base that IBM estimates at 100 million end users, Goyal answered, "Let me tell you categorically, nothing could be further from the truth."
Still, the opening session made clear IBM's commitment to Workplace as its future for Lotus development. The company's plan is to steadily increase the interoperability of the Workplace architecture with that of Notes/Domino, so that current Notes users can eventually migrate to Workplace without losing access to existing Domino-developed applications.
To illustrate Lotus' proclaimed commitment to exploring new frontiers in collaboration technology, the company brought onstage Star Trek: The Next Generation star Patrick Stewart, who won an ovation far noisier than those accorded to Lotus executives. Stewart showed off a few Shakespearean monologues from his repertoire and spoke about art and creativity, loosely tying those themes back to the presentation's premise about the future of Workplace."

So much for the 2004 Lotus marketing budget...
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