Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Audit Results Move Google a Step Closer to Offering

Audit Results Move Google a Step Closer to Offering: "Google has not publicly disclosed its finances, but people involved with the company said Google was closing in on $1 billion in annual revenue.
Yahoo has said that it will stop relying on Google as its main search engine and begin deploying its own search technology. Microsoft has also begun a major effort to compete in the search business. On Monday Microsoft introduced an MSN search bar for use with the Internet Explorer Web browser, closely modeled after a similar software application available from both Google and Yahoo.
At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, said that Google currently was 'way better' than Microsoft in search and praised the 'high level of I.Q.' of Google's researchers. He argued that Microsoft would catch up once it focused its full effort on the task.
At the Comdex computer industry trade show last year, Mr. Gates gave a demonstration of Microsoft search technology, which it is expected to introduce some time this year. Analysts remain divided, though, over whether Microsoft will wait to deploy its more advanced search software, blending local and remote searching, until it introduces its Longhorn version of the Windows system. "
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