Sunday, January 11, 2004

BBC NEWS | Technology | Why tech firms are out of tune

BBC NEWS | Technology | Why tech firms are out of tune: "Apple's iTunes is apparently a great service but it doesn't actually make Apple any money because of the high level of royalty they have to pay to the music industry for every song downloaded.
Microsoft used its presence at CES to announce its own range of DRM-enabled software, and now it is clear that HP too has bowed to the power of the cartel.
If the industry won't sort this out, then it is time for the people to act, both individually and through our representatives.
Consumer boycotts and government action are the only way we are going to re-establish the balance between copyright holders and those of us who want to listen to, share and be inspired by music, movies and literature.
It's time for all who believe in real freedom of expression to tell Carly Fiorina and her friends in the music industry that being a 'digital revolutionary' means more than just doing what she thinks we should be permitted to.
Real freedom comes from below, not from the marketing department of a large corporation."

(Thanks to Irwin Lazar for the pointer)
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