Thursday, January 29, 2004

State of the Art: Phones, Too, Get TV Time

State of the Art: Phones, Too, Get TV Time: "Sprint's MobiTV service, for example, lets you tune in to any of 13 TV channels, right there on your cellphone. (The service requires one of Sprint's newish 'Java-enabled' phones: the Sanyo 8100, VM4500, or RL2500; the Samsung VGA1000; and so on.)
You download the MobiTV software from the Sprint Web site directly to the phone. Once you find and open the program - eight button presses - it takes about 20 seconds to tune in to MSNBC, which is always the first channel that comes up. The other options include some big-name channels (ABC News, Discovery, CNET) and some not-so-big (College Sports Television, California Music Channel, CMC Beat Lounge and ToonWorld TV Classics)."
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