Thursday, January 15, 2004

Wireless Networks Unite Home Office and Hearth

Wireless Networks Unite Home Office and Hearth "A few years back, when work would spill outside of office hours, Oren Michels would set up his laptop on the desk in the spare room of his home in Lafayette, Calif. While the rest of his family was watching a movie or sitting together in the living room, Mr. Michels, now the president of Colt Express Outsourcing Services, a human-resources benefits administration firm in Walnut Creek, Calif., would sit alone in a separate room, tethered to the Internet by a cable.
But lately he shuns the spare room and his desk. Thanks to the wireless home network he has set up with a technology called Wi-Fi, Mr. Michels can gain access to the Internet - and his work - with a laptop anywhere in the house. Or even on the back porch."

Check the eerily disconcerting picture in the article -- dad on his PowerBook, kids sharing a Windows laptop (perhaps playing The Sims Online), mom looking left out with paper on her lap...
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