Wednesday, January 14, 2004

InfoWorld: The new enterprise portal

InfoWorld: The new enterprise portal: January 09, 2004: By Eric Knorr: Applications "And how does the world's largest software company fit into the portal picture? While most agree that the latest version of Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server is a good product, the company is clearly ambivalent about enterprise portals. And no wonder, Phifer says. "If the Webtop became a reality, Microsoft has the most to lose because right now Microsoft owns the eyeballs of corporate Earth," he says. "And if I suddenly switch over to a Web browser with a portal being displayed, my eyeballs are focusing on the portal and not on the Microsoft desktop."

This is missing the point -- the Longhorn desktop is the future Microsoft portal client.

(Thanks to Ed Brill; quote is from p. 3 of the article)

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