Tuesday, January 13, 2004

GaryDev: Drinking from the fire hose

GaryDev: Drinking from the fire hose: "As a freshman [Gary joined Microsoft last year], much of my time is spent trying to learn the most basic things. No longer am I Mr. Appdev. Now I need to know about everything Microsoft does. Believe me they are doing plenty. One of my favorite resources is a monthly set of audio CD's, which talks about MS products and the competition. I listen to them in my car. In each release there is at lease one product covered that I've never heard of before. The material is good but the reason it's my favorite non developer resource is that I can listen and learn while doing something else. These CDs are not available to the public but there is a cool audio source that is: (http://www.franklins.net/dotnetrocks/). The site contain a monthly audio program covering .Net topics. These down loadable audio files a long enough that you may want to burn CD's from it and listen to them in your car. We are all busy but technology won't want for us. "

Great example of how Microsoft keeps its employees up-to-date.
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