Thursday, January 08, 2004

Retreating From Dial-Up Business, Microsoft Aims at Yahoo

Retreating From Dial-Up Business, Microsoft Aims at Yahoo: "The company said that the MSN division would not use any of the controversial 'Hailstorm' technologies that can personalize activity on the Internet in its new customization and tracking service. It also said that it would not store or use personal information acquired from customers. Consumer groups have been worried about the privacy issues raised by those technologies, which began development in 2000.
As a result of privacy fears raised by the Hailstorm project, Microsoft is now operating under a consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission to not misuse its customers' personal information.
'This doesn't look like Hailstorm Part 2, but it does sound like son of Hailstorm,' said David Card, a media analyst at Jupiter Research, a research firm based in New York City."

Another example of blatant press bias against Microsoft; e.g., I haven't seen a single article focused on the potential for Apple to do what John Markoff is insinuating Microsoft would be inclined to do in this context.
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