Thursday, January 08, 2004

Q&A: Microsoft Delivers Seamless Computing Experiences to Consumers

Q&A: Microsoft Delivers Seamless Computing Experiences to Consumers: "PressPass: How is the concept of seamless computing pertinent to consumers?
John O'Rourke: Seamless computing is a vision that encompasses Microsoft's efforts to use the power of software to make the applications, content, and hardware devices people use work as a coordinated whole. Although it also has valuable application in businesses and the workplace, seamless computing is equally applicable to the home and throughout our everyday lives. It offers people communication tools that help them stay connected and share their digital memories, it helps them get more things done and keep their lives organized, and it opens up compelling new entertainment possibilities."
O'Rourke: Microsoft has a variety of other products and services that contribute to the vision of seamless computing for consumers, but which are targeted are specific market needs. For example, Microsoft Broadband Networking products let consumers create high-performance wireless home networking, and new enhancements have improved the ease of use, security and performance of these products. We currently offer several new 802.11g high-speed wireless home networking products, including the Wireless Base Station, Wireless PCI Adapter, Wireless Notebook Adapter and Wireless Networking Kit. We also have introduced the new Xbox Wireless Adapter that enables video game players to play Xbox Live online games on any Xbox-connected TV in the home without wires by adding Xbox to an existing 802.11g or 802.11b Wi-Fi network. Now gamers can play anywhere in the house without the hassle of wires and drilling holes in the wall."
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