Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Macromedia hires former Microsoft VP | CNET News.com

Macromedia hires former Microsoft VP | CNET News.com: "Christensen, one of the founding figures behind the Symbian operating system for mobile devices, joined Microsoft in 2000 to drive the software giant's push into mobile phones. He most recently served as corporate vice president of Microsoft's Mobile Devices Marketing Group.
Christensen had originally planned to join a mobile device start-up, but the opportunity to guide Flash's expansion into mobile devices was too good to pass up, he said.
Macromedia now has licensing agreements with more than 70 mobile device manufacturers and wireless carriers. Key motivators for them have been the small file size of the Flash Player client and its ability to deliver sophisticated visual presentations over low-bandwidth connections, Macromedia CEO Rob Burgess said.
"The efficiency of Flash that originally made it the standard in the PC world is a big plus with phones," Burgess said. "People always ask whether narrowband or broadband is the future for Flash, and the true answer is that it's great for both."
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