Thursday, January 04, 2007

Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check: XML Syndication update

 An update:

1.  To assign blame where due, it appears my problems with the Google/Blogger update were more with NewsGator and FeedDemon than Google/Blogger.  My RSS feed wasn't updating in FeedDemon, and my new (default) Atom feed couldn't be added to a FeedDemon (or NewsGator on-line) sync'd folder.

2.  The NewsGator support team was very responsive and, as of this morning, the RSS feed is again working correctly in FeedDemon.  (I still can't get the Atom feed to work in a sync'd NewsGator folder, however.)

3.  I apologize to the Google/Blogger gang for jumping to conclusions about what got broken, and by whom, in the Blogger update.

Link to Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check

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