Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wired News: Why Joost Is Good for TV

Joost snapshot 

Like a lot of major-league geeks, Dirk-Willem van Gulik doesn't pretend to be a fan of television, at least in its traditional incarnation. His vice is Lego. But the Venice Project's chief technical architect also knows as much as anyone about megaweight bitstreams. He made his name figuring out how to transmit large scientific data files, and he's a long-standing director and former president of the foundation that supports open source Apache software, the world's most popular Web server. He's very clear about the economic folly of using big servers to mainline video to millions of desktops. "You can try to cut costs by allowing only crappy little images. You can limit the run times or make money selling hardware. But eventually the bandwidth bills will eat you alive. YouTube, iTunes, and the rest of them haven't got a chance. We just hope they take their time realizing it."

Source: Wired News: Why Joost Is Good for TV

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