Monday, January 22, 2007

IBM renews Microsoft rivalry with new Web software -

 Great to see renewed competition in the collaboration space.

I'm at Lotusphere this week -- pretty upbeat vibe so far, e.g., at the opening reception last night, despite the Patriots loss :(

My RSS feed seems to be irregularly updating again -- sorry about that.  The Atom feed is current, but it still doesn't work consistently with FeedDemon.

IBM's Lotus unit will introduce on Monday a set of social networking services that functions like a MySpace for office workers and which analysts say marks a renewed challenge to Microsoft Corp.

Lotus is going back to its roots as a pioneer of business collaboration software with a service called Connections that features the latest ways for users to share information via the Web, while giving businesses controls over who sees what data.

Source: IBM renews Microsoft rivalry with new Web software -

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