Thursday, January 18, 2007


I hate it when that happens: my ~2-year-old Dell XPS 8400 died last night.  Hard drive failure.  Two hours on the phone with Dell support later, a replacement hard drive will be in my driveway a week from tomorrow (it would have been 1 - 2 business days, but it's a special order since apparently the 8400 is now an antique etc.). 

I'd be in big trouble if I weren't routinely using a mix of Groove, Notes, and FolderShare to back up/sync files.  It's still a bit of an inconvenience, as I'll have to reinstall apps etc., but not a nightmare.

Weirdly, the 2-year warranty on the 8400 ends in ~2 weeks -- usually hardware waits until ~2 weeks after the warranty expires to die, in my experience...  Also weirdly, Dell called last night to offer a warranty extension on the 8400, but I declined, pointing out that I could upgrade to a new CPU for ~twice what they proposed to charge me for 2 more years full coverage on the older PC.

So on 1/26 I will have a new hard disk and a fresh installation of Windows XP on the two-year-old Dell -- just in time to upgrade to Vista...

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