Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fractals of Change: at&t's Trojan Horse

A timely reality check from Tom Evslin 

SavetheInternet.com calls the at&t “concessions” and the FCC’s consequent acquiescence in the at&t/BellSouth merger a “striking victory for Internet freedom advocates”. Although this group deserves great credit for getting the Democratic Commissioners of the FCC to take a harder line initially than their Republican colleagues, a better description of the definition of Internet neutrality crafted by at&t would be a “Trojan Horse”. It is a dangerous mistake for us Trojans (advocates of a neutral Internet) to wheel the at&t definition of net neutrality through the walls of the city and more particularly into the halls of Congress; it could turn into law. It is better to recognize tactical defeat than claim a false victory.

Source: Fractals of Change: at&t's Trojan Horse

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