Friday, January 05, 2007

Disk-Drive Milestone: Terabyte -


A unit of Hitachi Ltd. today is announcing plans to deliver what could be the first drive that stores a trillion bytes of data, known as a terabyte. That capacity -- equal to about 250 hours of high-definition video -- is a big step up from the current limit of 750 billion bytes, or gigabytes, for high-end drives on the market now.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, which includes former drive operations of International Business Machines Corp., previously offered a maximum capacity of 500 gigabytes. The company predicted customers will market retail versions of its one-terabyte drives in the first quarter with a suggested price of $399. Hitachi expects them to be installed in personal computers and digital video recorders, as well as sold as external accessories.

Source: Disk-Drive Milestone: Terabyte -

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