Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Buy.com - Cell Phones & Service Plans: Motorola MPX220 (Video Phone) (Cingular Wireless)

Buy.com - Cell Phones & Service Plans: Motorola MPX220 (Video Phone) (Cingular Wireless) "The cutting-edge Motorola MPx220 is Motorola's first Smartphone with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003. Fully loaded with familiar software like Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player this phone is super-easy to synch with your PC or laptop for a true connected experience. In addition, this phone packs serious technology like Bluetooth wireless, quad-band GSM, high-speed data download via GPRS, and expandable memory up to 512MB..."

My Sony Ericsson t68i died yesterday, almost to the date of the expiration of my 2-year agreement with AT&T Wireless (my account has since been transferred to Cingular, following its AT&T Wireless acquisition). It was an okay but not outstanding phone, but I was eager to check out a Windows Mobile phone and needed to change my service model anyway (I use my mobile phone a lot less since I became a Vonage customer). I wanted to check out an Audiovox SMT 5600, but apparently that phone is only available from (the new, non-Cingular) AT&T Wireless in North America, and I wanted to stick with Cingular or switch to Verizon.

I ended up going with a Motorola MPx220. The folks at Cingular couldn't explain why I should pay them $249 for one (after rebate), since I was also switching my service plan etc. (and am thus essentially a new customer), so I checked around and found the phone on Buy.com for -$20.01 -- $299.99 with a 2-year Cingular agreement, along with $20 discount and a total of $300 in rebates.

Hopefully the Motorola won't die exactly two years from today...
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